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Why cuts to housing benefit are wrong

Hackney Housing Group condemns the cuts to local housing allowance included in the June 2010 budget. These will mean many more people made homeless, who if eligible to be housed will join the 2,000 households already in Hackney’s temporary accommodation, and if not may end up on the streets. Those of us on the waiting list for housing will have even less chance of being housed. Recently several members of Hackney Housing Group have ‘bid’ successfully for social housing but discovered that the flat offered was a housing association property with market level rent of up to £400 a week. If we had accepted these properties then we would soon not be able to pay the rent under the new benefit rules and would be homeless again soon.

Some of us are on benefits but our situations do change. We may find work and we may lose our work. We need affordable housing that is actually affordable, where we will not be immediately made homeless when our situation changes. Mayor of Hackney, Jules Pipe, has spoken out about the cuts to housing benefit as chair of London Councils [], but his own Council’s housing strategy is to push us into private housing that we can not afford. We demand more social housing and that Hackney Council scrap their housing strategy which does not prioritise social housing.

Contact Hackney Housing Group on 07931 698 438

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