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Information about Housing Benefit Cuts

Cuts are threatening all our housing!

Are you living in private rented housing and claiming local housing allowance?

From April 2011 the government plans to drastically cut the rates of housing benefit. If your rent is more then these new maximum amounts then your benefit will not be enough to pay it:

– £250 a week for a 1 bedroom property

– £290 a week for a 2 bedroom property

– £340 a week for a 3 bedroom property

– £400 a week for a 4 bedroom property or larger.

You will no longer get an extra £15 for finding a cheaper rent.


It is estimated that in London the average amount of money lost per household will be £23 a week.


What can we do?


If your home is endangered by these cuts don’t be isolated and suffer alone.  Join with others to challenge the cuts and get support. The London Coalition Against Poverty is made up of groups who support each other to get their rights to housing and benefits and come together to demand better treatment, higher incomes and more housing. Right now we all need to work together to protect ourselves from these attacks.


Hackney housing group (one of the groups in the London Coalition Against Poverty) has been fighting and winning housing for group members in Hackney since 2008. This kind of support and action will be even more necessary now.


Residents of expensive inner London boroughs like Westminster will lose the most money but even households in outer London will be short of some rent money. Local Housing Allowance will be set by the lowest 30% of local rents

rather then the lowest  50%, as it is now. If the lowest 30% of rents in your area are higher than the maximum amounts then housing benefit will not cover the rent.

What about council tenants?

The cuts will affect all of us whether we live in private or council accommodation. The government plans several attacks on tenants’ rights, from ending life long council tenancies and making new tenants in housing associations pay 80% of private rents to cutting housing benefit if you have an extra bedroom, or cutting housing benefit by 10% if you have been on Job Seekers Allowance for a year.


This table shows how many £ will be lost a week for residents of some London boroughs:













Brent   -18 -23 -37 -68 -169
Camden -20 -31 – 53






Hackney -13 -21 -27 -26 -23 -125
Haringey   -12 -13


-14 -26 -88
Islington   -22 -36 -75 -114 -267
Lambeth -8 -13 -25 -27 -34 -102
Lewisham -9 -13 -20 -20 -24 -64
Southwark   -14 -25 -25 -32 -98
Waltham Forest -8 -8 -10 -20 -17 -49



Contact the London Coalition Against Poverty on 0207 247 6101 or, if you are a Hackney resident then the Hackney Housing Group on 07931 698 438 /




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