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Ending Life Long Tenancies

A spokesperson from Hackney Housing Group, part of London Coalition Against Poverty (LCAP), said:

“Hackney Housing Group urges the coalition government to strongly reconsider David Cameron’s plan to end lifetime council tenancies. This plan, if put into action, will intimidate thousands of people who will never know whether their future in their own homes is secure. Mr Cameron has avoided tackling the fundamental issue of there simply not being nearly enough affordable housing in this country. Council housing was not originally created for “people in need”, it was created simply to house people and it should be for everyone. We need affordable and secure rented accommodation to be able to work, raise our families and not fall into debt. David Cameron does not take into account that our financial, family and work situations change. We might have a good wage one month and no job the next. Insecure work coupled with insecure and unaffordable housing puts us at risk of debt and homelessness.”

This is a deliberate attempt to scapegoat people who earn a wage and who stay in their council homes. Council tenants are not to blame for a lack of available social housing. This is a result of the failure of the Labour and Conservative governments to invest in building new social housing and the ideologically driven policy of selling off council estates.


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